Selling Zongzi for Jene Wah’s Building Repairs

Selling Zongzi for Jene Wah’s Building Repairs

The collective energy put in by both the young and the elderly for the repair project is tremendous.

Young Volunteers

Jene Wah is blessed with volunteers. Volunteers help with daily chores in the office, in the kitchen, in the dining hall, and in the classroom. Most our volunteers are retired people. Previously we also had young people volunteering at Jene Wah. Due to conflict of schedule, the high school students did not have much direct contact with our seniors.

When Dr. Michael Zhu suggested for Jene Wah, Inc. to build its own website, his son Nathan Zhu volunteered to be the webmaster. He has been uploading information and pictures onto Jene Wah’s website since day one. Off to college this Fall, Nathan continued his commitment to help maintain the website. Thank you. Thank you.

Young violinist Elyza Yim, granddaughter of Thelma Yim became a volunteer for Jene Wah Sing this summer. She accompanied the senior singers with her violin and helped them successfully manage the difficult art song The Moon Represents My Heart. Elyza will be a junior at St. Mary’s High School this Fall.

The experience was rewarding for Elyza. Practicing with the senior singers gave her confidence. It also helped bridge the generation gap between her and her grandmother’s peers, who really enjoyed seeing young people involved with Jene Wah projects.

振華的作業,仰賴義工者良多。日常的工作,從辦公室到廚房,無論飯堂或課室,都有義工在幫忙。義工大都是退休人士。 下課後的中學生,過去也有人到振華當義工,只可惜這些年來老人家午後早回家,不在振華流連,年青義工就沒有機會和振華的老人家直接接觸交流,失去學習的機會。

兩年前振華服務中心聽從朱明醫生的建議,設立網站。他就讓那時還在中學的兒子Nathan朱內森幫忙振華把網站 建立起來。此後Nathan還替振華把活動消息陸續搬上網。今年他上大學了,遠去密西根州,本以為他不會繼續為振華管理網站,但他却說小事一樁,他會繼續幫忙。