Selling Zongzi for Jene Wah’s Building Repairs

Selling Zongzi for Jene Wah’s Building Repairs

The collective energy put in by both the young and the elderly for the repair project is tremendous.

Event: Let’s Celebrate – Not Many People Live to Be 100

The great Tang poet Tu Fu wrote the often quoted line “Not many people live to be seventy.” With war and famine, Tu himself only lived to 58.

Amongst Jene Wah clients, the majority are over 70 years of age. As previously reported, twelve are over 90. On August 5, 2016, Sau Fung Lau was promoted to be a centurion. Her son Ken, daughter-in-law Margaret, grandson Adam, as well as a nephew Allen, his wife Teresa, a niece Debbie and her husband Arthur Wong celebrated her 100th birthday at Jene Wah. Wendy, with the help of many volunteers, decorated the hall beautifully.

It is Jene Wah’s mission to meet the many needs of our seniors. Ken Lau said he was grateful that he and his wife could have the peace of mind while working during the day, knowing that his mother is well taken care of at Jene Wah.