Assembly woman Susan Eggman, D-Stockton, left, accompanies Bonnie Lew down the aisle on the floor of the State Legislature in Sacramento.

Assembly District's Woman of Year Honored

Assembly woman Susan Eggman, D-Stockton, left, accompanies Bonnie Lew, President of Jene Wah, down the aisle on the floor of the State Legislature in Sacramento. Courtesy Susan Eggman's office

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The Story of Jene Wah, INC.

35th anniversary commemorative publication

by Teresa M. Chen

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About Jene Wah

Jene Wah, Inc. is a social service agency in San Joaquin County. Located in the city of Stockton in what was once a thriving Chinatown, Jene Wah has been serving the social service needs of the Chinese American community in San Joaquin County for 38 years and has maintained a multi-service center for 33 years. The work of this grass-root organization began in the offices of three prominent Chinese businessmen, Henry Yip, Ray Wong Quen and Joe who saw a growing population of elderly Chinese men and women who needed their help as they began to retire. These men and women had spent their lives working in cannery, food service and other menial jobs that needed very little English speaking skills. Limited English speaking skills made it difficult for them to maneuver the government services available to workers and retirees. Incorporated as a non-profit agency in 1976, the agency received a Department of Aging grant to hire a bi-lingual staff to help elderly Chinese Americans negotiate the English speaking social, government and medical services in the community. The organization continues to provide unique services to a community who otherwise would be isolated from and unable to access traditional English speaking social, medical and government services because of the lack of English speaking skills. Jene Wah continues to provide its services these 30 plus years through the generous support of community donors and grants from the San Joaquin County, Department of Aging.

Board of Directors


Mrs. Judy Hong

Human Service Agency, Retired

Vice President

Mr. Francis Lau

San Joaquin County Public Work Civil Engineer, Retired


Mrs. Doris Go

Lodi Unified School District, Retired


Marilyn Y. Lim

H&R Block Enrolled Agent, Retired

Vivian Zhang

Attorney, Kroloff Law Corporation

Linda Valadez

Human Service Agency, Retired

Dr. Willard Low, D.D.S

Staff of Jene Wah

Executive Director

Runping Lin

Assistant Executive Director

Wendy Lehner

Clerical Staff

Cuishan Li

Outreach Director

Qun Y. Li

Outreach Assistant

Kenneth Kong

Coco Zou

Zhijian Huang

Gary Lin

Manyun Xue

Jinsi Zhou

YanMei Kuang

Haifeng Huang

Volunteer Teachers

Kristen Rinaker

Dr. Teresa Chen

Jean Tom

And Many Other Devoted Volunteers